Anna Teen Christmas Elf_Vanilla And Standalone With Multiple Voice Options

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Merry Christmas!!! Hope you’re enjoying the holidays and I bring to you a lovely gift. She comes packed with a punch and makes a great stocking stuffer or wrapped for under the tree. You get different versions of body and voice to complete your holiday cheer. My default (vanilla) versions are perfect for the user that wishes to have less load on their game and better performance because she will use whatever textures, and meshes you have installed. Since I’m tired and have stuff to do for the holidays I will be updating the page as I go so that I could bring you this mod asap. Be patient. Enjoy another release and have a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


Location: Riverwood

Height: .087

Weight: 100



Combat: Mainly she uses her Frostbitestaff and has Sparks and Flames spells.

She’s not as overpowered as my previous followers so that there is some balance.


Use a mod manager or manual if you choose. Basically, ANY Teen version will be the MAIN file and needs to be installed first. If you choose a different voice you can delete the Teen Voice BSA. and ESP in your Data folder.

AFT users remember to clean it with TSE5EDIT (It has dirty edits) and to put Anna ABOVE AFT in your load order to avoid any problems. 


Tiffany for the Teen Voice

KSHairdo’s Renewal


Fair Skin Complexion

Leyenda Skin

Slutty Christmas Mashup Armor (Lovers Lab)

Mini Bikini

Goma Pero Poses

Goma Pero Land

Real Vision

The Dudes at Beth…

The Staff at Nexus

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