Anna the Rose Racemenu Preset

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Hi this is my second mod I uploaded here. Anna the Rose RaceMenu Preset.

I want to make her a custom follower, but I still don’t know how to do that.

If someone wants to make a follower based on her preset, let me know.

How to use :

1. Extract “Data” file to your Skyrim directory

2. Open RaceMenu in-game and load the Anna sculpt

3. Then load Anna preset. 

*the eye brow is the number 9 brow in 12 FemaleBrows.esp like in the screenshot.

Mods Required :

KS Hairdo’s


Leyenda Skin CBBE (for 12FemaleBrows)


Improved Eyes Skyrim


Mods Used in Screenshot :

SnapDragon ENB


Dark Souls item pack by TeamTAL


Facelight Plus


Please enjoy, and pardon my English my lord.

Thank you kind sir.

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