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Breezehome simply improved.

This idea was actually one of my first modding projects. I’ve made so many Breezehome mods I’ve lost count. First ones were simple esp. Then gradually I used more resources but that can always get kinda crazy. Then I adapted Eli’s Breezehome to my tastes. This is the final idea and my last attempt to make the (simple) Breezehome of my dreams, haha.

I always hated the fact that to get the kids room you need to give up the Alchemy room, which you’ve already paid for, and then what, have NO alchemy place?? Not gonna work!

Just esp. No loose assets.


– Loads of storage everywhere

– Kids room package all items detatched from their upgrade package and Enabled from the start. You might still need to buy the package from the Steward, b/c there may be some scripty thingy that needs to happen.

– New dining table

– Chairs and side table by hearth

– New alchemy and enchanting areas, also with Staff enchanter

– Desk office space for your mercantile affairs and letter writing

– Improved bedroom with storage, furniture and some decor

– Navmesh adjusted

Cleaned w/ latest xEdit 4.something. First it was completely clean. Then I enabled a column that wasn’t enabled, and the suddenly it had some dumb error I have no clue how to fix. Honestly, with how much I’ve scoured the internet for some kind of explanation for the errors, including the “official” xEdit forum, still haven’t found it. So don’t report this error. The mod works. And it’s useful. So be happy.


JK’s Whiterun: YES, nothing edited outside (yet)

Alternate Start: Questionable. You show up in the loft upstairs. Fine, but for some reason the kids stuff doesn’t show up, even after purchasing the package from the Steward, and even though I detatched all the items and enabled at start. And then I couldn’t find Runa to see if I could adopt her. Of all the times for her not to be hanging around the Eldergleam tree…

Anything else that changes Breezehome interior: NO

Anything else? Let me know and I’ll add it to this list.

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