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Part 4 in my ”Simply Improved” series. No extra assets, just esp and some creative ingenuity.

[font=Comic Sans MS]Highlights:[/font]

- Tons of unique storage

- All upgrade packages enabled at start, and all items detached from packages (except where doing so produced a dirty edit)

- Have Alchemy AND Kids’ room at same time

– New dining, bedroom, crafting room, and bathroom

– Built in LAL compatibility

Umm… no smithing. Sorry. Couldn’t find a good place. Maybe in the future I can figure it out. Suggestions?

Please add your screenies! <3 Auto-accept is on. Please add your videos!

[font=Comic Sans MS]A Note on the Navmesh:[/font]

In past modding I meticulously adjust Navmesh around my changes, under and around furniture. HOWEVER the newest versions of xEdit pose a problem with this, marking deleted triangles as ERRORS. Very annoying. And the process to correct these errors is, frankly, a royal and confusing pain-in-the-arse. So. In this mod I did not delete a single existing triangle. Instead I merely shifted vertices slightly, or simply left the triangle where it was, even if it’s half under a piece of furniture. Yes this may result in some NPCs trying to walk into said furniture, BUT there won’t be any errors. It’s a trade-off. Thanks xEdit authors… The new rooms I added are nicely and properly Navmesh’ed.

[font=Comic Sans MS]Future in this Series:[/font]


Sure, I’d like to do Hjerim. But first I need a way or a mod that will let me CHEAT COMPLETE that STUPID BUGGY BLOOD on the ICE. I have wasted SO much time trying to get through that quest, even with mod “fixes”. I’m trying out making a BAT file that will zip through it, just haven’t gotten in game to try it yet.

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