Anna’s Vlindrel Hall

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I released this on SE on my birthday, now back-ported it to Oldrim. No assets, just esp. Enjoy!

A modest, assets-free improvement to Vlindrel Hall.


Cleaned and error-free in Tes5Edit.

Special Edition version Here!

– Doors added to rooms

– Beds changed to noble and upper, b/c no sane person sleeps on stone beds!

– Enchanting & Alchemy rooms combined & redone (Alchemy upgrade package not needed)

– All crafting, except Wood Chopping Block, just couldn’t find a good place to put it with all those wood piles it comes with

– Child room enabled at start

– Bath in master bedroom

– Hearthfire oven

– Many named containers for organization

– 1 mannequin added

– Navmesh adjusted

Alpha version, because it does still have a few, uh, wrinkles. I mostly tested this using Live Another Life, starting in Vlindrel Hall. There seems to be some sort of conflict between it’s packaging enabling and the Steward’s house upgrade scripts, because I bought the Child room package, and absolutely nothing happened, which is why I enabled it to start.

None of the items added are connected to the Upgrade packages, they are just there. I could’ve, but didn’t wanna, takes too much time. You still need to buy all the packages to get everything.

No-Mannequins version?

No. I like mannequins to display my outfits. If you don’t want them, disable them, or “mark for delete”.

If they move around, you need the “vanilla mannequin script fix” mod.

I hope you enjoy this mod (it sure was a pain pathing all the vanilla models to new functions).

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