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SSE version here.

Sure, there are other Winterhold mods, but I didn’t like any of the ones I saw. Why add MORE USELESS RUINS that just take up space??? It really drives me eff-ing crazy. I mean, it’s one thing if you’re showing it as a historical archaeological site, but The Great Collapse was 200 YEARS AGO, so how about we actually RESTORE the City already!

This mod seeks to make Winterhold not the great city it once was, but the new city it can be. It began as a very simple mod, named “Winterhold Rebuilt,” to replace the ruined houses with new ones and merchants. Then Quaxe made a mod with same name that did same things, so I changed mine to “Winterhold Restored” as I added more touches.

I’ve been working on this mod for several years  now on and off (at least 4, maybe even 6), and actually scrapped it 3x and started over. Finally decided to research some of the actual history of Winterhold (which I found really interesting!) and incorporate some of that into the mod… somehow. So that’s for the future.

Right now:

1) Turned the ruined houses into shops-homes, with custom-voiced merchants

- New custom signs too!

2) Protective stone wall on the cliff side to keep out that frigid wind!

- Activator by the Enchanting table in Player Home to switch between Wall and Tree Screen

3) Player cabin, Snowstone Lodge, done up like a Mage’s home

- 4 Activators: Summon a Shrine, Hang a Painting, Take A Bath, and Change Wall

4) Stable with 4 horses (currently free, but future will make that guy a horse merchant)

5) CW and any other markers in the ruined houses were shifted just out of the way

6) Navmeshes were adjusted around the new buildings, fully tested and finalized

7) Fully Navmeshed new interiors for Followers

8) Several skulls, boulders, snow drifts, dead trees etc. disabled

9) Some places required quite a lot of Landscape editing

Player Cabin Key Location:

In strongbox by the front door


– Interesting NPCs – YES, that guy sitting on a bench and his horse Frances

- There might be some misc. crates and a sac right where I put a table and chairs => Disable them.

– Lord Quaxe’s “Winterhold Rebuilt” – probably NO, since he does a lot of the same things

– JK’s Winterhold – PARTIALLY – he doesn’t restore the ruined houses, but does add ruins

Any others I don’t know.


- May get some random CTD on the lower floor of the Player Cabin, near the crafting tables.


- If you have trouble activating the bed, just put the cursor on the bed frame.

- SSEEdit show no errors, but Boss/Loot report shows “5 deleted Navmeshes that can’t be undeleted.

 I have NO IDEA HOW TO FIX THIS, so don’t ask, don’t report it. If someone happens to know

 how to fix that and would like to take the time, we’d all be very grateful 🙂


Anduniel (Anna Castiglioni)

- New dialogue & voicing

- Textures: new signs, bedding (Runspect mesh), pillows (Tamagen & Insanity meshes), canvas, rug

Modders Resources:

Blary – wall art & book storage

Oaristys – decor

Lilith – decor

Elianora – decor

Runspect – decor

InsanitySorrow – pillow meshes

Tamagen Pillows – pillow meshes

Jokerine – decor

Shrike – Canvas meshes and normals

Melt-In-Your-Mouth – Baker’s sweets

TF – staff crafting table

Urshi – for the beautiful screenshots I used for paintings, permission by PM

Find me on Discord (Anduniel’s Auditorium)

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