Anne ECE Preset

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Here’s my character preset in case anyone’s interested. You can edit her however you like, but here are the mods that I’m using:

    [*](Only) Enhanced Character Edit

    [*]SG Female Textures Renewal

    [*]SG Female Eyebrows

    [*]Mature Skin 2 UNP

    [*]Darker Eyebrows Replacers


    [*]KS Hairdos – Renewal

    [*]Better Makeup for SKSE 


    [*]Caliente’s Beautiful Bodies Edition CBBE

    [*]El’s Face Stuff – Eyes and Brows

    [*]Eyes of Aber

    [*]Linds’s Human Eyes

    [*]Milkan Eyes

    [*]Seductive Lips HD

    [*]Stoja’s Warpaints 

    [*]The Eyes Of Beauty

(For whatever reason if the permission says I’m not using assets from other modders. Let be known I am.)

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