Anne RaceMenu Preset

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For those who wanted Anne for RaceMenu, however she is slightly different here. I’ll be using this version of her now on though. 


-> Windows (C:)

-> Programfiles (x86)

-> Steam

-> steamapps

-> common

-> Skyrim

-> Data


-> Plugins

-> CharGen

-> Presets

Mods I’m using:


    [*]Sg Eyebrows

    [*]KS Hairdo’s

    [*]Seductive Lips

    [*]Vanilla Makeup HD

    [*]Fair Skin Complexion

    [*]Llygaid Eye Improver

    [*]Bodyslide and Outfit Studio

    [*]Female Makeup Suite

    [*]Gearhogs Character Overhaul

(Obviously Skyrim Romance since you see Bishop in the background, but it’s not required for this.)

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