Aramas Knight and company.

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First mod, produced on a whim, Adds  new Npc’s to the land of Skyrim.   

Aramas Knight- Bosmer male proficient in dual weild swords. currently enjoying his stay in Solitude’s Winking Skeever.

Rufio Sextus- Imperial soldier Off duty from a long deployment in Morrowind. Currently staying at the Solitude Lighthouse.

Vishra Talon- rich girl Breton very deadly with a bow. currently staying in Morthal.

Morn Lazgar- Orc Barbarian, raised by an Argonian family in Blackmarsh. Currently in Riverwood inn.

Ulfbjorn the Stonecleaver- Nord warrior of peerless caliber, is enjoying his respite in Nightgate inn after finishing his studies in High Hrothgar. FUS RO DAH!

 Virion Alestorm- Drunken Dunmer having his fill in the honningbrew meadery, still very deadly with his Conjuration. (lvled spell list should aquire new atronachs as you lvl.)

Faylan Whisherwind- High elf Battlemage of the college of Winterhold. Profeint in Destruction magic and Wards. (also lvled spell list that should scale and gain new spells as you lvl.)

Please be sure to use these Mods – My home is your home, a mod for followers.

                                                             UFO mod.

Reason is the followers are not residents of any home. so if you use the My home is your home mod you can assign each follower its own home to be sent to.

Thank you and I hope you like it!

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