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A patron request. I cobbled together various mod pieces to try and recreate her outfit as best as I could. Some people may know her story from Overlord. My story for her is different. She’s a mage that mostly uses lightning and she has a staff as well. Her and her sisters (in their own mod) are aged up from the series. In the series, it’s implied that she has great potential as a magic user. So this version of her is closer to that potential. 


Arche’s family used to be rich nobles from Cyrodil, but they were now broke. Her parents foolishly supported the Thalmor and were betrayed when they seized all their money and assets. Arche decided to take up adventuring to earn money so that she could run away with her sisters, Ureirika and Kuuderika.  Arche eventually joined a group of adventurers. They discovered the head quarters of a powerful necromancers who lead a group of many different monsters. They knew it was risky, but he had a fortune that they planned to take for themselves. They were caught however and were all killed. Arche was able to escape thanks to one of the group members sacrificing himself in order to give her an opening.

One of the necromancer’s minions went after her. She nearly defeated Arche, however, Arche had a powerful Scroll that makes high level undead creatures weakened and flee for 10 Days. It was handed to by a super cool and handsome dude who called himself “Mr. Zero”. All he told her was that she’d know when to use it. When she looked confused, he said to just use it on a vampire girl when she’d have to face one alone.

Arche was able to escape. She rushed to her home, grabbed her younger sisters, and fled to Skyrim. She was unable to take care of them and didn’t want her sisters living as beggars so she reluctantly sent them to the Honorhall Orphanage where she could at least visit them. In the mean time, she decided to adventure so that she could save up some gold to buy a home and then adopt her sisters herself. Unfortunately, her sisters were adopted. Constance Michel was only able to tell her that she was adopted by nobles and that the twins were living a better life. She was happy for them, but she still wanted to be with them since they were all she had left. There are rumors that a shop keeper in Solitude often babysits two bubbly twin girls. Perhaps with a fellow adventurer by her side, she’ll be reunited with her sisters. However, there’s another rumor of a familiar vampiric creature lurking about in Skyrim. The story of Arche Eeb Rile Furt has only just begun!


Rider’s Stats

Gender: Female

Voice Type: Female Younger Eager

Body: Custom UUNP Special Body

Class: Mage

Combat Style: Magic Staff

Likes: her sisters, treasure

Dislikes: vampires, skeletons, her evil parents


Morthal’s Inn



XP32 Maximum Skeleton -XPMS

HDT Physics


Relationship Dialog Overhaul

EFF (or your favorite follower manager)

My Home is Your Home


Caliente – for bodyslide –

ousnius – for Bodyslide –

Dimon99 – for UNP –

HHaleyy – for Fair Skin textures –

HeroedeLeyenda – for Leyanda Skin –

expired6978 – for RaceMenu –

Kalilies and Stealthic – for KS Hair Renewal –

LogRaam – for The Eyes of Beauty –

GomaPeroPero – for Robe –

En masse community management team – for the skirt

ChronoTrigger77 – for the boots –

nisetanaka – for clest plate –

DeserterX – for Gwelda Red Riding Hood –

SydneyB – for Ashara Princes of the Woods –

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