Archmage Necklace Redux – Immersive College Patch

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This is a minor patch for ‘ArchMage Necklace‘ by Gerolling for those who use “Immersive College of Winterhold‘ by Grantyboy050

It simply relocates the lockbox from it’s floating position to a more lore-friendly one by the bed. (See Pictures).

I also added the option to only be able to access the box once you are Arch Mage as a seperate file.

(Personally I believe this is how it should’ve always have been, and it’s not like it’s a long or hard quest chain.)

Install. (Important)

This is only my first mod, and as such I don’t know yet how to create a file that effects an already existing one.

So a requirement to install this mod you’ll need to; (first remove your current “ArchMageNecklase.esp” and install ONE of my uploads instead.)

I don’t think load order matters, but personally I have it after I.C.O.W.

All Credit to Gerolling for the necklace & the impressive work on the College by Grantyboy

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