Archmage’s Robes with Steel Plate Armor (Battle-Mage Princess) (female only)

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What makes this set of armor?

Armor: A mix between the Archmage’s Robes and the chestpiece from the Steel Plate Armor.

Gauntlets:  A modified version of the normal Steel Plate Gauntlet to remove the leather gloves to show the player hands.

Boots: A high-heeled version of the Steel Plate Boots by DarkWing241.

Textures: The high quality, stunning Silver Knight Steel Plate Armor by dopalacz on the Armor part and the vanilla Robes on the Archmage’s Robes part.

Look’s good with your embroidered name. Custom made by the Radiant Raiment. xD

but to be honest i don’t feel like working for free so you can donate $ 5,00 here and I will have it customized for you.

How to get it?

console commands or forge it if you have the ebony smithing perk. Can be upgraded and has the stats of the Ebony Armor.

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