Armor of the Blind Hunter – Male and UNP Female

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[font=Trebuchet MS]My character Rei Ginsei lost his ability to see during the day, and so this armor was made for him, someone who likes the day, but who can only see by the light of the moon.

This is essentially an evolution of the Moonlight Assassin outfit from my Simple Outfits mod. If your character or follower is a slinky assassin type, or a thief, or just someone who doesn’t like the sun, maybe give this a try! This outfit comes in both light armor and cloth varieties!

Hooded outfit (compatible with beast races and circlets )[/size][/font]

[*][font=Trebuchet MS]Hood-down outfit[/size][/font]

[*][font=Trebuchet MS]Gloves[/size][/font]

[*][font=Trebuchet MS]Padukas (sandals)[/size][/font]

[*][font=Trebuchet MS]Colored Wigs – To be worn with the hooded outfit, and comes in several basic colors.[/size][/font]

[font=Trebuchet MS]

ENB’s and lighting mods will have an impact on the color of the wigs. The female wigs are truer than the male ones, and that’s largely due to them having different textures all around that I guess I found easier to work with. In the end, I tried my best, and the comparison shots up there aren’t meant to be anything but a vague suggestion of what can happen with different lighting.

If this is just a gigantic problem…


[*][font=Trebuchet MS]UNP BBP[/size][/font]

[*][font=Trebuchet MS]FemFeet patch for males[/size][/font]

[font=Trebuchet MS]

UNP (or a body with UNP texture mapping

[font=Trebuchet MS][/size][/font][*][font=Trebuchet MS]XPMSE (for the BBP version only)[/size][/font]

[*][font=Trebuchet MS]NiOverride High Heels[/size][/font]

[font=Trebuchet MS]

Craft one of the following amulets at any forge between the hours of 23:00 and 02:00.


    [*][font=Trebuchet MS]Blind Hunter Amulet of the Moon[/size][/font]

    [*][font=Trebuchet MS]Blind Hunter of Shimmering Moonlight (enchanted)[/size][/font]

    [*][font=Trebuchet MS]Blind Hunter Amulet of the Blood Moon[/size][/font]

    [*][font=Trebuchet MS]Blind Hunter Amulet of Corrupted Moonlight (enchanted)[/size][/font]

[font=Trebuchet MS]2. Wear amulet at any time of day or night.

3. Armor recipes will appear at the forge under glass. Cloth will appear at the tanning rack.

With any amulet on, you will be able to create extra amulets; there’s no need to wait until 11pm once you’ve made the first one. These amulets will also allow for crafting so you can make a backup if you want, as insurance, so you don’t have to wait to make a new one if the first one gets lost.

Little clipping blips on the male armor. They’re small and generally unbotrusive. I want to fix them, but they’re specific types of clipping, and so I have to wait until the person who deserves a medal for putting up with my shit feels like helping me with fine work again.[/size][/font]

[*][font=Trebuchet MS]Minor clipping on hood with male Argonians. See above about the fixing.[/size][/font]

[*][font=Trebuchet MS]Sometimes for some reason the skin texture on the cuirass won’t swap for beast races. If this happens, unequip the item, close the menu, open, re-equip, and that should fix it. I don’t play beast races so I have no idea what this is or if it’s a common thing. If it’s something I did wrong, feel free to hit me and call me stupid! But also tell me what I did because then all that abuse would’ve been for nothing.[/size][/font]

[font=Trebuchet MS]

There will be no male body conversions. I might do CBBE. Might. Big ol’ might. Like, huge.[/size]

[*][font=Trebuchet MS]IF YOU NORMALLY USE A UUNP BODY there will be a gap at the wrist and ankles if you wear the cuirass without the matching gloves/shoes. The fix for this is to create a UUNP/bodyslide thing and I don’t know the first thing about that. This may also apply to 7B but it’s been a long time since I’ve worked with it so I have no idea.[/size][/size][/color][/font]

[*][font=Trebuchet MS]The wigs take slot 55, which is normally used for facial jewelry. I imagine this might pose some problems. Suggestions for better slots are welcome! I don’t mind having a few options.[/size][/font]

[*][font=Trebuchet MS]If you feel that time periods for crafting is BS, check out AddItem Menu.[/size][/font]

[font=Trebuchet MS]


Otherwise it’s yours. Go nuts.

KS Hairdo’s Renewal[/url]

Groovtama – XPMSE

Dimon99 – Female Body Meshes

Halo – High-Poly UNP Hands/Feet[/url]

VectorPlexus – Male body meshes[/url] (NWS)

leito86 – FemFeet Redesigned Male Foot Meshes

SydneyB – Player wig color scripts (they’re in there I just haven’t been able to implement them)

Resourcefulness is A Great Thing.

That’s all I’m gonna say about THAT particular subject.

I used a lot of stuff this time and I thought I’d try to be helpful and head off a lot of “where did you get x” since I can see that happening this time. Assume that if it’s not listed and not included, it’s mine and not available. I’m an idiot and I’m sorry for leaving shit in the screenshots I shouldn’t have. I do this all the time I’m sorry.

Also assume that everything linked is NWS in some way, ditto anything you go rooting around for.

Team TAL Bloodborne Pack (cape seen on the white-haired dude with the eyepatch)

GomaPero Land (SEVERELY NWS site)/Poses[/url] (Just Halo’s place)

Dragon Poses

FurArmorSet (poncho the Argonian chick was wearing)

Apachii Divine Elegance Store[/url] (earrings/circlet worn by white-haired chick)

YevMods Makeup Pack

Frostfire Stallion[/url] (ignore update post)

Draugr Marauder Armor[/url] (barbarian chick)

Tetrachromatic ENB

Antique Dragon ENB

Dovah Nahkiin ENB

Snowfall Weathers ENB

Aericura and NightTaim for being nice and taking pretty pictures and letting me share them[/size][/font]

[*][font=Trebuchet MS]Syllisjehane for wig feedback[/size][/font]

[*][font=Trebuchet MS]Bobbi for literally holding my hand sometimes[/size][/font]

[*][font=Trebuchet MS]A lot[/size][/font]

[*][font=Trebuchet MS]She doesn’t even play Skyrim[/size][/font]

If you like what I post here, please consider checking out my blog. There are mods and screenshots you won’t find posted here, as well as fanfic, if that’s your kick!

Oh yeah, NWS. That’s my mantra, you know. Always NWS.[/font]

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