Armored Greybeards’ Robes

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Do you like the way the Greybeards’ robes look? 

Do you want to shout like the Tongues of old? 

Do you want to not die every time someone touches you with a “pigsticker”?

Well search in vain no more, for this mod… is for you! 

This mod is simple. It adds craftable and wearable (light armour) Greybeards’ Robes to your game. You will need the default robes from Enaisiaion’s Thunderchild[/url] to craft them, which means you do need Dawnguard and Dragonborn as well. 

But, barring the no-DLC issue, if you don’t have Thunderchild yet, then it’s your own fault, really. Go get it. 

Anyways, you will not need anything more to get them. To get the unarmored default robes, complete The Horn of Jergen Windcaller and go into the library. The robes are on the closet against the wall, just outside the meditation room.

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