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THIS IS MY FIRST MOD!  If you want to use it or tinker with it that is fine.  I just made it to get a feel for how scripting worked.  This has not been extensively tested and there are probably much more efficient ways to do this.  At some point I want to play with adding MCM menu for it, also just for practice but as of now everything is hard coded.  If you wan’t to provide constructive criticism I always appreciate it, but know requests for features or changes will probably go unanswered since this is a very seldom visited side project.

This is really only suitable for a caster right now since I hard coded it to prevent use of all armor, if I get the MCM menu going then I will make that optional.  In a nutshell this really makes it required to but your gear, or after I add armor to it, make it at the forge.  No more finding all kinds of armor and clothes from baddies.

Does 4 main things:

– Prevents equipping light or heavy armor

– Prevents looting armor or clothing from dead bodies (Want to just add a tag to make it unwearable so you can still disenchant, but right now just destroys it)

– Prevents equipping armor or clothing during combat (Because that is just silly)

– Randomly breaks a piece of armor or clothing when hit by an enemy (Want to make this a durability thing later)

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