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This is the SSE port of the LE Mod from BouncySpartan68. All Credits for this mod go to him.

I just saved the esp in the new CK, flaged it as an ESL file and made a German translation.

Arngeir Location Marker


Ask Arngeir

Author:  BouncySpartan68

Version:  2.1 SSE


Adds a miscellaneous quest to the player’s journal that says, “Ask Arngeir about the location of Word Walls” and has a quest marker pointing to him.

The purpose of this is to help players locate Arngeir when they need to talk tohim, so they don’t end up wandering around High Hrothgar for ten minutes because they can’t find him.

HOW TO START:  To get Arngeir’s marker to appear, you must complete the Greybeards’ quest “Way of the Voice,” and then leave High Hrothgar and return again.  At that point a new miscellaneous quest should appear in your journal and have a marker pointing to Arngeir.

—Technical Mumbo Jumbo—

The way this works under the hood is with two things, one brand new quest and onescript on Arngeir himself.  When the game loads Arngeir into the world, a script on him checks if the LAST stage of “Way of the Voice” HAS been completed and if the FIRST stage of this mod’s quest “Arngeir Location Marker” HAS NOT been completed.  If these are true, it starts the quest that puts a map marker on Arngeir.  The straightforward way of getting this to happen is to enter High Hrothgar AFTER completing “Way of the Voice.”  Basically, finish “Way of the Voice,” leave, and come back.  If you want to fiddle around with this mod with console commands (at your own risk of course) here’s some information about the quest stages:

stage 0  –>     quest activates

stage 10 –>     marker on Arngeir shows up

stage 20 –>     marker on Arngeir is hidden

stage 30 –>     quest is completed

stage 40 –>     quest deactivates


The only things this mod might be incompatible with are other mods that directly modify Arngeir himself.  Don’t worry, there are a few solutions to help you even if run into this problem.  First, you could could make sure this mod comes after any of those mods in your load order.  If you don’t want to do that, you could also use console commands to start the quest.  When you want to put the marker on Arngeir, open the console and type this command:

help ArngeirLocationMarker

You should find a code for the quest, something like  XX000D62  where XX is some two-digit number.  Now type this command:

startquest <the code you found>

For example, I would type this command:  startquest 89000D62


Simply take the contents of this mod and move them into the Data folder of your

Skyrim installation.

For example –>     C:Program FilesSteamsteamappscommonSkyrimData

And make sure to activate “AskArngeir.esp” in your load order.

—Old Versions—

If you decide to download and use and old version of this mod for some reason, make sure to read the included readme file for that version.

Upgrading from an old version of this mod should be straightforward and not cause any problems.  If you do encounter problems, I suggest uninstalling the old version, making a clean save, and then installing the new version.


Feel free to do whatever you want with this mod, HOWEVER…

If you modify and re-upload it or upload it in a package with something else,

it would be really nice if you just give me credit for my part of the work.

But don’t worry about trying to contact me to ask for permission.


Bethesda – for making Skyrim, releasing the Creation Kit for modders, and making

Arngeir way too hard to find when I’m looking for him.

BouncySpartan68 for the original Mod

Original URL:

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