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This time i would like to share my female Character preset, im not as good as the other preset maker, but since the beginning i play skyrim with female character, i create her will all my limited skill, and personally im avoid to have her looks like anime character, as far as i can i try to make her look a bit realistic for myself, once i try to make her becomefollower mod, but yeah im running skyrim with low end pc, cant even open creation kit on my laptop, its too heavy, also i often play as male character to avoid big texture mod for female character, so maybe someone can taking care of her, thats why im better share this preset to all of you.

Im not using any ENB on my Screenshot, im just using ELFX weather and Purity, im running low end pc, maybe with ENB she can get better looks than in my game if you running good spec PC with high texture realism mod, it should lmao forgive my poor laptop XD



Bodyslide its up to you maybe since im focus on editing her face than her body, but im using UNP HDT

Pretty face:

Skin Texture its up to you maybe, since it only change the skin color, cause im using mixed skin texture, im using The Pure + Porcelain Vampire Skin to get this looks

The Pure:

Porcelain Vampire Skin is hidden by the author so i cant share the link im sorry, the different is when you just using thepure, when you become vampire, your skin turn a bit darker than your human skin, porcelain vampire skin make your skin pale when you become vampire, thats all the different, im just using the vampire texture of that mod, the human skin 100% thepure

KS Hairdos HDT:

Multicolor KS Hairdos (Optional: its not neccesarry, but im using it to get ombre hair color at my screenshot)

Brows: (for high Texture eye brow, not nessecarry but im using it at my screenshot)

Eyes: Im not saving her preset with eyes mod, im saving her preset with skyrim vanilla eyes, i just enchant it with cute eyes which replace the texture of vanilla eyes with better texture, so feel free to use any eyes mod on her, heres the link of cute eyes vanilla eyes replacer:

Vampire Face Reclamation: (Optional, if you wanna use this preset as vampire, i recommend you using this mod to avoid ugly effect of become a vampire)

Racemenu: (i dont know if its will work on ECE, but im using Racemenu to make this preset)

Showracemenu Cache Killer: (Use this to avoid CTD on racemenu with Female Cosmetic mod)

She is the only female preset i make and i use on my playtrough as female character, i hope you like her, if you wanna use my preset as mod for follower or new npc or npc replacer, just make sure ask for my permission first 🙂

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