Asaforg’s Requiem Tweaks

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Well, what does this mod do?1. Makes most weapon enchantments and poisons blockable. Magic wards can block as well.[/b][/color]

 Does not affect enchantments with scripts. I only made contact enchantments and poisons blockable. Any effect that explodes or splatters will still hit you. Shock enchantments can only be blocked by magic wards because almost every shield/weapon is made of a conductive metal. This will affect enchantments and poisons from other mods as long as they use the base magic effects and are loaded before this mod.

2. Decreases magic items and soul gems found on vendors as well as vendor gold.

 We constantly hear in Skyrim how much Nords distrust magic yet we find it in abundance on almost every vendor in every city? And somehow it is okay to have stored souls for sell all over the place? Now you will only find a rare few magic items and soul gems on vendors that make sense. The court wizards and the Khajiit caravans and of course the Mages College. Merchants added from other mods will not be affected.

Skyrim is about adventuring not shopping! Nothing outside of the city vendors has been changed so go treasure hunt! Finding magic items is more exciting than buying them.

The vendor gold has been lowered a lot. This has two major impacts. The investment perk makes sense now and it helps keep the selling of mass produced items under control.

3. Changes the Heal Self 1 spell to a novice level spell and decreases the amount healed and experience gained from casting it.

This makes the Heal Self 2 spell worth using and keeps Restoration from getting way ahead of all your other skills so quickly.

4. Moves the Experienced Blocking perk requirement from 20 skill up to 40 skill.

Simply, blocking is just too good at a skill of 20 with this perk so I feel 40 makes more sense.

5. Changes the Candlelight spell from a glowing white ball to a floating torch with matching light and keeps the original spell from Floating Torch Spell as a great starter utility.

This is actually what started this whole mod. I always hated using that bright white light in dungeons. It just kills the beauty of all those colors and deep shadows. The original free spell is still in Dragon’s Reach, but I changed it to only last 15 seconds and lowered the experience gain to a very small number. You will want to get the Candlelight spell when you can.


Check out Shields Block Poisons by Paulicus1 if this mod makes too many changes for you.

Check the files for a few options. Requiem – Classic Alchemy Overhaul version available. I will post an update for 5.2 very soon.

Here is a sample video of a few changes:

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