Asfodelos – The Blade of Lorkhan

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[font=Times New Roman]Asfodelos – The Blade of Cold

Beyond Nirn, beyond Mundus, lies the secret kept from even the Aedra and Daedra…

In time before time, a fierce battle took place above Nirn. Lorkhan, the Missing God, clashed with Trinamac, The Paragon, and Auriel, the Dragon God of Time.

/size] Lorkhan, however powerful, could not match Auriel’s arms, and Trinamac’s powerful fists. And so, drawing the blood from his body, he gave it form and substance, forming it into a beautiful, flawless blade, that would not break, no matter what stood to tarnish it.

But it was not enough: Lorkhan was defeated, sundered, and lost forever. But the blade had a will of its own. It vanished before any of the new gods could take it, refusing to be wielded by anyone other than its creator.

History became legend, legend became myth, and soon enough, the very name of Asfodelos slipped from memory of all there was. All but those that Lorkhan chose: the blade found its place in Shor’s hall, where it rests behind his throne waiting for the day its master will come back for it. Waiting in vain.

Or is it…



Type: One-handed Sword

Base damage: 15, 6 critical

Weight: 15

Reach: 1.0

Speed: 1.0


Asfodelos can be improved on grindstone with 1 Silver Ingot and 1 Quicksilver Ingot. It benefits from Ebony Smithing perk which doubles the improvement.


The base enchantment of Asfodelos is 20 Frost damage per strike. However, due to material and origin, Asfodelos also boasts extra damage against all things unholy: undead, werewolves, daedra, you name it. As this is the innate property of the blade, rather than enchantment, the extra damage persists even after the charge is spent.


HelelBenShahaar: concept art, idea, lore

RonnieMagnum: models and textures

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