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Basic Lore Overview:

The Great War ended in defeat. Aldmeri troops are now stationed all over Tamriel. The Province of Skyrim is plagued by resistance fighters, a winter that has gone on for three years, and a food shortage. To keep these problems from spilling over into other provinces the border has been closed except to supply caravans.

Why i made this mod:

I wanted something like Rust/Frost for Skyrim and with naugrim moving onto other projects someone else had to step up and make it.

What this actually does:

Makes every city and town either abandoned or hostile.

Adds zones of occupation for altmer, bosmer, and khajiit soldiers,

removes most quests

changes some locations to have different enemies

New notes

Rebuilds Helgen

lobotomized npcs to stop them from giving quests or from saying anything to break the new lore.

New rust like quest. Probably needs more lore notes around it.

rebalance npcs.

Some areas  have been set to be safe storage.

What it doesn’t do

Adds voiced dialogue to new npcs

Rewrites books to fit the new lore

Adds written dialogue to new npcs

Adding notes on the quality of naugrim’s works, i am not naurgrim

adds a morality system, i don’t have similar variables to mess with stuff like in fallout.

add in a custom alternate start or edit skyrim unbound

Add in more armors from my mods.

Makes major changes to solstiem.

What i want to add in:

All the stuff in the “what it doesn’t do section, but i need writers and voice actors.

Edit Skyrim Unbound to change up the starting locations. I’m getting errors when trying to look at the source scripts.

New Coin for the Aldmeri Dominion. I don’t think they’d like to keep Tiber Septim on the currency.

This is an alpha build with the above mentioned features missing or not fined tuned. There are two reasons for releasing it so early. 1. I am leaving on a three week vacation coming up in June and i don’t want this project to sit on my hard drive if anything bad happens. 2. I am using this as a way to get writers to help flesh out the lore since my writing isn’t very emotional.

I’ll start actively recruiting for writers and voice actors when i get back, but you can still comment here if you’re interested.

Required Files:

Skyrim Unbound

Turns off the main quest and civil war. Mod will not start without it.

Bosmer Armor Pack

Light requirement because of lore

Winter overhaul 2019

or any other winter overhauls.



Bosmer Armor Pack




-hanged man script





Bosmer armor pack


Noldor Armor Pack


Mihail zombies


Thalmor Aldmeri Dominion Banner


okiir’s Flag of the Aldmeri Dominion on deviantart

Practical female armors


Truly light elven armors


Estroya Resources





 Some other assets i used were made by me and released separately. I included the permissions from those mods above.  If you want to use those resources  use the  mods listed below instead of this mod.

More Elven Armor

Inn Second Floor Resources

Shep’s Thalmor Armor Replacer

Permissions: If you want to use this as the base of another mod that involves the mythic dawn, vampires, or whatever you can. Please get confirmation of permissions and credit me.

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