AthenaX Raziel Vampire Armor Converted UUNP BodySlide

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AthenaX Vampire Raziel Armor now for the girls! because why not!

Needs: UUNP Bodyslide!

             Original Vampire Raziel Armor!


             Other obvious stuff!

Dont forget to check the “ZAP!” when building the cuirass unless you like clipping! …and there is also an optional zap for the cape!

Install: Use NMM or something.. should be good.

Manual Install: Put BS files into obvious places

                          Overwrite old .esp with with this one

Uninstall: Everything above but in reverse

                 Fire SOS flare

Credits: Thanks to AthenaX for the original armor an allowing me to share!

                Thanks to Caliente and Team for Bodyslide!

                 Thanks to _____________ in case i missed anyone! i think im good though! 😀

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