Atronach Collection.

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Atronach Types:Novice

Water, Flame, Storm*1, Earth

*1. Wind not Energy Variant.

Females (Adapt Variant) Upgrades

(Snow) Water or Flame (Void)Green* 

Monarch: LavaColdfire“*2 Expert Fusion

*2. A Warded Version.

A Ice & Fire Combo.

Male (Adapt Variant) Upgrades

(Frozen)Blue*3 Earth or Storm (Thunder)Purple*4

*3. Frost Atronach, Original

*4.Storm Atronach, Original

(Molten)Red*5  Earth or Storm  (Ashfire)Sandy*6

*5. A Fire version of Frost Atronach

*6. The Dragonborn Ash Guardian, Original

Monach: Gale “Earthbound”*7 Expert Fusion

*7. Air Monarch from ESO.

A Earth & Wind Combo.

Golem Construction Masterworks Coral, Crystal

Frozen, Molten

Thunder, Ashfire

Fleshed, Armored

Aegis, Chaos

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