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–What is this mod?–

Put simply, Attributes Reborn is a mod that aims to bring back the attribute system of past Elder Scrolls games.

When starting your game, you’ll start off with 35 attribute points to distribute between 7 attributes: Strength, Intelligence, Willpower, Agility, Endurance, Personality, and Speed. Along with this attribute system, comes its own leveling system running parallel to Skyrim’s leveling system. In essence, the exp system works near identically to Skyrim’s system. When you level up a skill, you gain experience according to the skill’s level. Once you level up, you’ll need to rest in a bed to increase your attributes. You can only increase two attributes per level. One last thing of note is that you CANNOT refund attribute points after the initial attribute distribution.

–What does each attribute do?–

Glad you asked, my friend, because I’ve got a list here to help you out!

Strength – Increases Melee Damage, Base Stamina, Heavy Armor Effectiveness, and Shield Effectiveness

Intelligence – Increases Destruction Spell Damage, Base Magicka, Conjuration Duration, and Alteration Effectiveness

Willpower – Increases Magicka Regeneration, Light Armor Effectiveness, Restoration Effectiveness, Magic Resistance

Agility – Increases Bow Damage, Base Stamina, Light Armor Effectiveness, and Pickpocket Chance

Endurance – Increases Disease Resistance, Base Health, Heavy Armor Effectiveness, and Shield Effectiveness

Personality – Decreases Buying Prices and Increases Illusion Effectiveness

Speed – Increases Carry Weight and Stamina Regeneration


As this mod is still relatively new, I’m a bit unsure about most potential compatibility issues. However, I ran this mod with an alternate start mod while I was testing and I can say that any alternate start mod will most likely work just fine with this mod. Do keep me informed though if you find any bugs or compatibility issues!


747823 – Created the original framework used to create this mod. Most of the credit for this mod goes to this talented person as all I really did was change up how experience works and added the buffs that the attributes apply. Please check out his resource here:

Original URL:

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