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I did a double version of COS and UUNP, weight 0 and weight 100, adding Leyenda skin. She is good at using two-handed swords and is a reliable follower. You can find her at Frostfruit Inn.


XP32 Maximum Skeleton Extended – Groovtama[/url]  by  XPMSE

Enhanced Character Edit   by tktk1

CLYS OF SKYRIM PROJECT Inni Outie HDT Vagina [/url]by  scivirus

Mikan Eyes  by  nerune2525 

SG hair 350[/url]  by HelloSanta

Bijin skin UNP and CBBE by rxkx22

COCO Anaconda COCO Bloom Youth COCO Black Cat Uploaded by Daymarr

Dragon’s Crown outfit by dint999

Thanks to all the modders that offer clothing.

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