Automatically Closing Thieves Guild Entrance

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There is a hidden entrance to the Thieves Guild. You push a button on a casket and the floor pushes aside revealing a staircase. When you want to leave you pull a chain lever and it opens. But then, how do you close it? The casket has moved with the floor and is now too far away for you to realistically reach the button on it (and it will not activate if you try). This is engineering at its worst. But with this mod, you can safely use the passage without the risk of exposing the Thieves Guild in the process. The entrance will automatically close after a few seconds.

For the ultimate Thieves Guild entrance immersion, I highly recommend the Lower Sounding Thieves Guild Door[/url] mod.

This is my first script, so if you would like to have a look at the script and give feedback I would be thankful.

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