Ave’s Belly Pircings

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This mod adds some Belly Piercings to Skyrim, nothing fancy just seven different models in six colors (bronze/emerald; bronze/sapphire; quicksilver/stalhrim; ebony/amethyst; silver/sapphire; gold/ruby).

Like most other Belly Piercing mods out there, they use Body Slot 49, however, there may be conflicts with other mods.

Besides that, they can be enchanted with every enchantment for rings.

How to obtain them in-game:

Just craft them at a forge. Everything you need is to have an ingot of gold, silver, ebony or corundum in your inventory. (if you only have a silver ingot, for instance, you only see the silver rings in the smithing menu)


Just drag and drop the Meshes and Textures folders as well as the .esp file in your data folder and activate the mod (or use one of that mod organizer tools)


1.0, 04/26/2019 – Initial release.


Thanks to Bethesda for creating Skyrim.

Thanks to the entire modding community for being awesome.


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