ayleid mod enhancer white marble

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this mod enhances the ayleid citadel and ayleid palace mod.

it replaces most of the beige or gray wall textures left to be all white marble styled.

this replacer also reduces the “same pattern effect” of the marble textures.

this package enhances even more ayleid mods of the ayleid place author if using the same file structure . let me know if you need some finetuning for other compatible ayleid mods.

it is just a texture replacer (no esp). so please make shure that this mod loads behind all relevant ayleid mods!

credits to jgreybear for the idea to beautify oblivion ayleid ruins with clean white marble styled textures!

credits to lazz for his beautiful skyrim ayleid homes

watch also my rigmor of cyrodiil mod ayleid walls replacer

Original URL: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/97108

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