Backstab Animation

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Backstab animation replacer for paired_1hmkillmovebackstab.HKX for 1hm sword.

I make 3 variations but for now you can choose only 1 to install

NMM installer title and description and video should be simple enough to help you choose which one you want to use

1 – StabAndPullSwordWithKick

2 – StabTwistThenPullingSlash

3 – SlamFaceThenStabHigh

Recommended mod Violens

With this you can view killmove movement completely without distraction from slow motion (3rd Person Slowmo off, or VATS disabled option), or assign your desired killmove .hkx to spesific weapon or stance e.g. assign paired_1hmkillmovebackstab.hkx for sneak stance or greatsword.


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