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Posted by: Raad2

Transfer: NeOniq

Version: 2.0

language: English 


* Every player in Skyrim had moments when, with a high level of hero level, the game became boring and uninteresting.

This mod will try to fix it. Simplified version of rebalancing!

Detailed description:

* You can no longer remove enchantments of alchemy and blacksmithing and enchant them with any items.

If you find or buy items with such improvements, they will be exclusive!

* Slightly increased the number of resources required for forging arrows. The cost of arrows was slightly increased, so it was cheaper to forge them than to buy!

* Changed the skill “Endless Lock Pick”, now with this perk you can simply forge them in the forge! The price for master keys increased!

* Increased the price of all skins, leather and leather strips to make more sense in the hunt for animals and for crafting arrows fit!

* Rings and necklaces to enhance weapons and destruction can not be enchanted. (you can find or buy)

* Spell enchantment weakened.

* Blacksmithing perk is weak.

* Weakened hacking perk.

* Pocket theft perk is weak.

* Enhanced perk create poisons.

* Reduced drop master keys in the loot of dead enemies.

* Reduced the number of ingots, ore and filled stones dush from sellers.

* Altars do not heal your diseases.

* All skills will grow 30% slower.

* Increased the speed of movement of some creatures. (giants, tigers, etc.)

* Slightly changed the race of people, reduced the speed of the regen HP. Now there is a difference vampire you or a man! Vampires restore stamina faster, human races are faster than magic.

* Created potions and vanilla for restoration (stamina, life and mana) are treated for 10 seconds.

* Healing spells heal for 10 seconds.

* Balanced prices for potions created. (Alchemy flow rate reduced)

* Balanced prices for manufactured items, taking into account the cost of materials. (reduced speed of blacksmithing and eloquence)

* Balanced prices for some enchantments.

Update: 2.0

* Healing spells heal for 10 seconds.

* Potions restore within 10 seconds.

* The power of the bows returned to the vanilla state.

* Balanced prices of Enchanted Weapons (expelling Daedra)

* Added addition (esp) to change the difficulty. (Description in the archive)


* must be compatible with any mods.

* if something has not changed, given corrections by other mods, then simply move the mod to the bottom of the list.


It is installed and removed easily, without prejudice to the game and save. Does not have scripts! (only vanilla changes)


* Skyrim

* Dawnguard DLC

* Dragonborn DLC

When updating:

* Unpack the archive and replace the file in the park Data in the game.


1 Main mod – “Data” (set only the first or second option)

2 Simplified mod – “Balance Alchemy Smithing” – removes the possibility of enchantment in alchemy and blacksmithing. (no translation required)

* Folder “Difficulty” – change the difficulty levels in the game. (read description)

* Unpack the archive and place the file in the Data folder in the game, activate the mod in the launcher.


* Delete the file from the Data folder.

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