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My personal take on dual casting.  In the base game, Impact instantly breaks Destruction magic based characters by making combat trivial and boring once you acquire it. To offset this, the damage/effectiveness increase you get from dual casting is pitiful whereas the cost increase is ridiculous by comparison. This leads to spells that cost far too much and don’t deal much damage, but keep enemies permanently stun-locked and standing in one place until you kill them or run out of magicka. Reducing the effectiveness of Impact allows for a significant increase in the cost to power ratio for dual casted spells without breaking combat.

Changes as stated above:

“Impact” Destruction Perk stagger chance reduced from 100% (staggers every cast) to 33% (1/3rd of a chance to stagger).

Dual casting cost reduced from 2.8x to 2.5x and effectiveness increased from 2.2x to 2.5x.

Note: Though primarily aimed at balancing Destruction spells, the dual casting multiplier changes will also affect other schools. Dual casted Illusion spells will work on slightly higher leveled enemies, dual casted Restoration spells will heal more, etc.

The fireball image has nothing to do with the mod, just needed to upload at least something. Source.

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