Bat RM Preset(Dunmer)

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Wanted a Bat character, I tried using an altmer but they don’t have the greatest customization options. Took all night just cause I was literally falling asleep while making her.

Mods Used


    [*]SC – Phobos Hair

    [*]CBBE Bodyslide

    [*]SG Female Textures Renewal

    [*]Hevergelmer’s Brows

    [*]HN66 Long Eye Lashes


    [*]Hvergelmer for Brows

    [*]Hellosanta for SG Female Textures Renewal

    [*]ShinglesCat for SC – Hairstyles

    [*]Javett for Less Harsh Elves – No Bags or Indentations

    [*]Humannature66 for HN66 Long Eye Lashes

    [*]Caliente for CBBE and Bodyslide

    [*]Expired6978 for Racemenu

    [*]Anton0028 for Real Flying with Gliding and Collisions

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