Bathing in Skyrim Tweaked

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Bathing In Skyrim Tweaked


An updated version of Bathing in Skyrim with some fancier updated doohickeys.


    [*]Dirt is now applied as a race menu overlay. So dirt doesn’t magically disappear when you cast a spell and then reappear when that spell expires. 

    [*]Dirt starts off slightly transparent and increasingly becomes opaque the dirtier you get. Due to this change ‘filth’ textures are no longer applied but you still ‘get filthy’

    [*]Adds the concept of character shyness – Optional. Bathing characters will be less inclined to strip down to their underpants in the center of town and proceed to bathe. 

    [*]Bathing will make you wet, who’d have thunk (Frostfall).

    [*]Fixes issues around Npcs losing their dirtiness. Npcs never really got dirty in the original BiS because the dirt information was attached to the magic effect and magic effects end when the actor is unloaded = information lost. 

    [*]Import/export settings for PapyrusUtil added. No offense but I’ve never used FISS.

    [*]A few small fixes for some small bugs in the original (probably added a ton more though)

    [*]Fixed magic absorb/reflect flags on cloak spells causing blue swirling magic effect conflict with Requiem and possibly other mods. 

    [*]Dirt texture sets. Get bored of looking at the same old dirt? BiS tweaked supports up to 5 different dirt texture sets. See below for details. 

    [*]Contains *ahem* features for other adult mods which I won’t detail here. 

Texture Sets:

To be updated. (too tired right now)


1. The original BiS is required. Endorse it while you’re there:

2. PapyrusUtil:

PapyrusUtil is included in some mods. Make sure you download the latest version above and that it is not overwritten by other versions. 

These settings need to be changed in RaceMenus nioverride.ini

Change the number of overlays for each area (Face/Hands/Body/Feet) to 14 (or more if you like)




1. Remove All Overlays in the MCM and wait for “Done!”

2. Disable the mod

3. Uninstall and clean your save. 


Obviously I’m not claiming credit for BiS. That goes to mz1n.

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