BD UUNP Armor and clothes replacer for CBBE

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Have you seen baddog1978’s fantastic BD UUNP Armor and clothes replacer mod yet? Have you also seen their oh so lovely BD UUNP Dawnguard armor and clothes mod? If your answer is no- stop looking at this mod and go check them out! They’re the whole reason this mod exists!

(Pssst, they’re also required for this mod to even work, so, yeah, definitely go and check them out now!)

If your answer was yes, then let me ask you another question! Have you seen them and felt sad, because those awesome outfit replacers aren’t available for the CBBE body yet? Well then, this mod right here? Is the answer for your woes! Because I know I was a little sad I couldn’t use them, so I decided to go ahead and convert them for my own personal use. Then, after a quick message to baddog1978, I got permission to upload them here so that everyone else who uses CBBE can also enjoy them!

Now; here’s what you need to know.

What this mod contains:

    [*]CBBE compatible bodyslide files for baddog1978’s armor and clothing replacer mods

    [*]CBBE HDT compatible bodyslide files for baddog1978’s armor and clothing replacer mods

What this mod doesn’t contain:

    [*]Any of the meshes/textures unique to baddog1978’s armor and clothing replacer mods

What this means for you:

    [*]You’ll still need to download baddog1978’s armor and clothing replacer mods in order to get their unique meshes/textures

    [*]You’ll need the Dawnguard DLC in order to see baddog1978’s Dawnguard replacers in game

    [*]You’ll need to start bodyslide after installing the mods, select the group ‘BD UUNP – CBBE,’ and build your outfits from there so that they will appear in your game

Any questions? Comments? Complaints? Problems? Let me know! I’m extremely new to editing meshes, and everything I did was done in Outfit Studio; I wouldn’t be entirely surprised if I missed something. I did try to make sure that the converted outfits would fit well to even the higher ends of the sliders; I don’t know about you, but I like my ladies with a bit of meat on their bones. That said, there may still be clipping issues if you’ve got every single slider turned up to the max- this is especially true if you turn up every single breast slider. Sorry guys- if you want ladies with breasts three times the size of their heads, you’re going to have to fix the clipping yourself. You do you, that’s a little too much for me. Issues, concerns, or comments other than that? Drop me a message, leave me a comment, I’ll see what I can do!

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