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Human are most common enemy in Skyrim, but ingredients from them are the rarest. Why they are so special?

My needs was simple: I wanted to loot humans like I can loot wolves, and without conflicts with other mods. But mods which I found to do that thing were done in dirty way (like altering vanilla races/leveled lists) or extremely complicated for my needs (dozen of scripts, abilities and killmoves? no thanks).

The best way to do something is to do it yourself! So here it is.

Mod comes in three versions

This is same for all :

    [*]Human pieces from human races

    [*]You will not find two different hearts on body of that one badass fornsworn

    [*]Not afraid of script! It will give you ability once after mod installed and new/loaded game started, and do nothing after. No save bloat or burning spiders jump out of your pc

    [*]Compatibility: yes! Place anywhere in load order. It cannot conflict with any mod, and all records are unique so it cannot broke other mods


Basic version. Big chance to find 1 heart and 1 or 2 flesh pieces on dead human. No rectrictions.


Roleplay/hardcore edition. Dawnguard required.

Not everyone is able to just go gut the corpse of that poor thug.

Very small chance to had done it right have Bosmers and anyone thoughtful who carries along those rib scissors from the Nordic tomb.

But who can properly dismember the body and get the finest pieces? Those who see humans as food in the first place! Wearing Namira’s ring or have Werewolf or Vampire Lord blood in your veins? Almost every corpse will be correctly butchered for your needs!


I did it for lulz

You used to be a normal child like others, but then you took an Amor’s arrow in the knee. And now you kinda unstable. .

Since incident you learn how turn bread into flesh. Alteration spell from altered mind!

Something like diseases or completing Sheo/Sanguine quests drives your mind off balance so sometimes you find yourself staring in nowhere, covered in blood, with someone’s heart in hand.

But what make you completely insane is love. When you married or under effect of either Lover’s stone or blessing of Mara, your twisted mind force you rush to almost every corpse screaming “Be My Valentine!” or “Hearts for the heart god!”.

Other info:

Save to install/uninstall midgame.

How it work from a technical point of view:


Script “BMP_addperkscript” adds perk to player on game start/load via quest

Perk adds leveled list on death if conditions (player have perk; target is nord/redguard/breton/imperial, not ghost/undead, doesn’t have humanheart/briarheart in inventory) are met

Leveled list contains sublist(s) with some chance to produce heart/flesh

Other mods I found that do similar thing not the way I wanted and inspired me to do it on my own. Maybe they suit your needs better than mine:

More Hearts and Flesh

Harvest the Humans for their flesh

Human Enemies Drop Hearts and Flesh

If you have suggestions for features, fixes, improving description language (I suppose it’s bad, my native is russian), have image that you think will suit mod well, or other questions – feel free to comment or contact me via PM


Thanks to Requiem team for mod without which I would spend more time in real life and less at the computer, and my fat lazy cat for being a good boi

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