Beast Race Resistance – Vampire Lord and Werewolf

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Have you ever been one-shot killed as a Vampire Lord or Werewolf? These creatures are among the most fearsome to encounter in all of Tameriel. They are not supposed be as easy to kill as a mudcrab. One-shot deaths can commonly occur on high level characters, and/or if you play on higher difficulties.

This mod adds Magic Resistance, and Damage Resistance to the Vampire Lord and/or Werewolf race. There are several percentage choices to choose from. These resistances are only applied after obtaining the first perk in the Vampire Lord and Werewolf perk tree.

This mod is compatible with Better Vampires, Sacroscant, and Moon Light Tales SE.


In total, there are 55 different versions of this mod to choose from. 11

for Vampire Lords only, 11 for Werewolves only, 11 for Vampire Lord and

Werewolves, 11 for Werewolves (Moon Light Tales SE), and 11 for Vampire

Lords and Werewolves (Moon Light Tales SE).

The 11 different versions are…

Magic Resistance/Damage Resistance











90/90 Compatibility

This mod is compatible with Better Vampires, Sacrosanct, and Moon Light Tales SE.

This mod is NOT COMPATIBLE with mods that alter the Vampire Lord Race and Werewolf Race records. If the conflict is a “Soft Conflict”, simply load this mod after it and test.


This mod can be added, removed, or swapped with a different version, at any time.

***As a precaution, DO NOT install, remove, or swap when in “Beast Form”.****[/b][/color]

This mod has a FOMOD installer. I highly recommend installing using NMM, Vortex, or MO.

Manual Installation

Each folder identifies the beast it covers and the resistance values.

vl = Vampire Lord

ww = WereWolf

mlt = Moon Light Tales

20-10 = 20 Magic Resistance – 10 Damage Resistance

For Example:

ww_40-20 = Werewolf, 40 Magic Resistance, 20 Damage Resistance

vl_ww_mlt_70-35 = Vampire Lord, Werewolf, Moon Light Tales, 70 Magic Resistance, 35 Damage Resistance

After identifying which folder you prefer, copy the BeastRaceResistance.esp file inside into your data folder. Reverse to remove.

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