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I made this mod because I always found myself buying out the potions in shops, then waiting until they restock and repeating that.

I made this mod because I play without health or Magicka regeneration and it was difficult to buy the potions I needed. Check out my other mods to improve no health/Magicka regeneration playthroughs.

All alchemists get more stock. The amount of stock the alchemist carries is proportional to the size of the guild/hold the alchemist lives in. The following alchemists specialize in certain types of potions and carry more of that stock:

Arcadia in Whiterun – Health/Magicka/Stamina restore potions

Angeline in Solitude – Ingredients

Babette in the Dark Brotherhood – Poisons

Bothela in Markarth – Resistance potions

Elgrim in Riften – Skills potions

Elynea Mothren in Tel Mithryn – Ingredients

Feran Sadri in Castle Volkihar – Sells Potions of blood at a base value of 500 gold

Quintus Navale in Windhelm – Magic effect potions

Only affects the alchemists in the Vanilla+DLCs. Any alchemists added by mods won’t be affected.

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