Better Famale wrist and leg ratio twists for XPMSE.

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XP32 Maximum Skeleton extended must have this or your game may crash. This is where the skeleton mesh come from. 

What is this mod:

This is a twisted XP32 Maximum Skeleton that gives all famale characters in Skyrim better body ratios, which can not be changed by bodyslide.

What do:

Get thinner wrists for all women in skyrim, and increase the leg length about 6% without change the body height.

With some body mods , the wrists of women are looking very weird even ugly, especially UUNP bodys(which I’m using). Unfortunately, there is no slider in bodyslide for wrist twists. So you have to twist them in game menus withEnhanced Character Edit or racemenu, but those twists won’t work on NPCs, their wrists are still look like a cancer within. I made this mod maily for NPCs.


replace Meshes/actor/character/character assets female/skeleton_female.nif

Do not forget to back up


—In a SKSE based skyrim, all famale character shares a same skeleton. If you want to have different skeleton only for your character, you have to use a custom race mod. There many custom race mods on Nexus, most of them replace your character skeleton.

—This skeleton twists is made mainly for NPCs. 

—The wrist twists may not work on you character if you have Enhanced Character Edit , just go to the showracemenu arm options change forarm twist 1 and 2 for your character if you want to change them. Even though these will still work on NPCs, your character arm will still look as same as the original XP32 Maximum Skeleton.

—Lag ratio twists will always work on your character no matter what character making mod you are using.

—Lag ratio twists may cause some improfection of animation splicing for some animations with few animation mods. There is ‘twist only ‘ option to fix this.

—The skeleton can not be twist too match, because it will cause the body be out of shape with some animations. In professional game develop companies animation files alway being remade again and again, or they have made specific algorithm to adjust the animations automatically for different characters. So when you choose animation mods, go newer mod and experienced modders, it will look better. A skeleton can not save everything.

—about beast race — working on it, it is coming.

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