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Hi everyone how’s it going? well this time instead of creating spells i focused on on editing an item we all know by now the Gauldur Amulet, as you may recall this item comes from a long quest chain that makes you go to different dungeons all through the map and beat certain bosses, all to earn an amulet that only gives +30 to health, magicka and stamina, which is a real disappointment considering that the whole questline is constantly hyping you up about how power the amulet was to the point that Gauldur’s own sons murdered him to get it… yet when you actually get it you would probably have gear with better bonuses than it (granted unlike normal gear it has 3 enchantments but even then normal crafted gear can have greater potency on its effects so…) which causes a great dissonance with the story behind the item, so i (like many other modders before me) decided to make my own spin on the item (while trying not to make it OP, though whether i succeeded or failed… well the jury is still out on that one), i decided to base my changes for the item on those made by the mod A BETTER GAULDUR AMULET By TheWulfPanda for skyrim special edition (link: because i agreed with many of his own reasons for them so they are mostly the same as that mod BUT unlike his mod i decided to add something extra, as you know all through the questline to get the amulet we fight the draugr versions of Gauldur’s sons and one thing i noticed is that all (or at least most of them) seem to be able to use Dragon Shouts, so considering that Gauldur comes from an age where the use of these is far more common its highly possible both him and his sons were practitioners of the art (it specially makes sense considering that Gauldur was a powerful archmage and that his sons needed and entire Battlemage battalion to be brought down), so i decided that alongside the changes from TheWulfPanda’s mod this version of the amulet would also give a 20% reduction to shout cooldown (similar to the amulet/blessing of talos), all of this in order to make the amulet into the powerful artifact its supposed to be.

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