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Required DLC: Dawnguard and Dragonborn

Okay, listen up motherfuckers, I have another gripe with Skyrim, and I’m about to teach all you little shits about it! The player dialogue options for intimidation are weak and lame as hell! I mean, seriously, how is “why don’t you tell me for free?” intimidating?! Take the line I used to replace that specific one as an example of how intimidation should work: “either you tell me what you know, or I’ll rend the flesh from your bones.” MUCH more fearsome! In fact, I went through the Creation Kit, and I slogged through all of Skyrim’s dialogue and quests, so that I could replace all of the pathetic intimidations with something more fearsome!


-Did you really get ALL the intimidation options?

I left a few alone, but I think I got all of them. Please tell me if you run into any that I missed.

-What exactly does this mod do?

I went through all of the dialogue and replaced the player choices for intimidations and a few other lines that I felt were mean/deserved it; for example, I replaced the resist arrest line and the line you can say to Delphine where you originally say “you better start explaining. Fast.”

-By Talos, why would you do more lines than just the intimidations?!

Don’t get your panties in a bunch, there aren’t many non-intimidation lines I changed.

-Will you make a version with ONLY intimid-..?


-Why do some lines have a shortened “(Int.)” or just no intimidate indicator at all?

There is an annoying-ass character limit. I figured that, even with the ones that lack an intimidate indicator will be easy to identify due to their brutal nature.

-I found a way to extend the character limit!

Yes, I had some comments telling me this on my SSE page, and I am super grateful to those who shared the way with me, but I do not think I’m going to edit this mod with it; it will be a lot of work to go through all the dialogue again and fix what I have changed. I am grateful to know about it because I will most definitely be using the method in any future mods I make regarding dialogue! 🙂

-Is it compatible with (mod X)?

Yes, just load it below (mod X) in your load order.

-Why is there so much swearing?!

Because fuck you, that’s why.

-I mean, really, do you need THAT much swea-..?

Don’t tell me what to do, shitbird!


Damn right it is.

-…Do people really ask these questions?

No, I just make these FAQs for sharts and chortles because I have a very crass sense of humor.

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