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This mod adds 8 new racials to every race, except Wood Elves because I couldn’t think of a good one for them. I’ve also merged my Histborn and Cold-Blooded and Khajiit Fur and Desert Born mods into this, hence why they’re no longer up.


Orcish Tenacity (Orcs): +100 Health and +75 Armor Rating

Human Will (Nords, Imperials, Redguards, and Bretons): +5 Health and Magicka Regen

Animal Endurance (Khajiits and Argonians): +100 Stamina and Carry Weight

Desert Born (Khajiit and Redguards): +50% Fire Resistance

Khajiit Fur (Khajiits): +50% Frost Resistance

Histborn (Argonians) : +10 Health Regen

Cold-Blooded (Argonians): +65% Fire Resistance but +50% Frost Weakness

Elven Wisdom (Dark and High Elves): +100 Magicka and +10 Magick Regen

Human Will, Animal Endurance, and Histborn won’t show up in the Active Effects menu, but, so long as this mod is at the bottom of the load order, after any other racial mods you may use, they should be there. Use the console to be sure, or check Stats Menu in the case of Animal Endurance.

Also, if anyone know how to unflag opposite animation in the Skyrim Creation Kit, please tell me, because if you use a mod that changes the female orcs to use female animations, as well as this mod, depending on load order, one of them won’t work. If this one goes last, the female orcs will still have male animations, and if the other mod goes last, you’ll have to add Orcish Tenacity with the console

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