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Special Edition Version

Always loved the wild companion project but I was always going for a sabercat since i always play a stealth archer!

now the buffs work will all animals!

Old one

80 – Gift of Kynareth – Improves your Wild Companion. Wolves gain 100% extra attack damage. Spiders gain magic immunity. Bears gain 150 points of Health. Chaurus gain 300 points of armor. Saber cats gain 40% movement speed and move silently.


80 – Gift of Kynareth – Improves your Wild Companion. It gains 50% extra attack damage, 50% magic resist, 150 points of Health, 150 points of armor, 20% movement speed and moves silently.

Since now wild companion takes all bonus, i nerfed them to half except hp.

if requested ill probably make a non nerfed version.

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