Bijin Presets

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Must be downloaded manually!! (see installation)

I put these files together to get rid of the hassle of doing it yourselves. I also named each and every file myself to match the character so it’s easy to browse.

All files used are made by rxkx22 and from their respective mods.


(please know that these are only the head sculpts of the Bijin mods and will not change anything in the ‘Sliders’ section of racemenu. You must mess with the sliders  yourself to achieve the look you want. A good method is finding slider presets and pairing it with the head of your choice.)

Includes the head sculpt presets of:

Bijin Warmaidens

Bijin NPCs

Bijin Wives


    [*]Extract the rar file

    [*]Copy all files in ‘Bijin Heads’ folder, NOT the folder itself

    [*]Paste the files into your CharGen folder. (Steam FilessteamappscommonSkyrimDataSKSEPluginsCharGen)

    [*]Start your game and press the “~” button, Type ShowRaceMenu, enter, “~” again

    [*]Click “Sculpt” in the top Corner

    [*]Press F9 to import head

    [*]Pick the head you want. 

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