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Bijin Ruhmastered by Ruhadre


Kudos and endorsements are great, but I could really use some good screenshots!  lol


Overhauls all Bijin facegens to incorporate Ultimate Eye Meshes Ruhmastered and ENB Eyebrow Fix for Oldrim.

Yes, these are the patches from my Eye mod page, moved here for simpler download, and upgraded with ENB Eyebrow Fix for Oldrim.

This brings the meshes in line with what’s already in Bijin AIO 2019 for SSE by Mebantiza

I also covered other work from rxkx22 and decided to put it here.


Pick your Bijin mods of choice:

Bijin Warmaidens by rxkx22[/url]

Bijin NPCs by rxkx22

Bijin Wives by rxkx22

Remember the options you picked for hair and wrinkles from installers.

Install the corresponding patches from here and allow them to overwrite.  Start with main files, then install the optional files after if needed.

It’s incredibly important that you pick the right files!

Want more from rxkx22?  I gotcha covered…

Toccata Follower by rxkx22

Pick follower or Elisif replacer option.  Install the patch from here for the version you picked and allow it to overwrite.

Succubus-san by rxkx22

Install only the Main file here for Succubus-san if you only installed the main file from original.  Allow overwrite.

If you installed one of the optionals for Succubus-san, then pick the appropriate patch from optionals here.  Allow overwrite.


rxkx22 for all of his mods!

All the modders who made this series of improvements possible as indicated on Ultimate Eye Meshes Ruhmastered and ENB Eyebrow Fix for Oldrim pages.

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