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This mod adds bird races to Skyrim for PCs and NPCs. Birds have all-new avian heads and head parts (crests, ears, horns because why not) with complete chargen and expression morphs. Crests and ears show expressions. Birds have claw hands and feet. They have wings courtesy of “Real Flying” and “Animated Dragon Wings” by Anton. Birds have privy members if you want them.


There’s enough variety in the parts to create a wide range of birds: ravens, eagles, songbirds, parrots, Skeksis.


Clawfeet use my adaptation of the high heels mechanism to give digitigrade feet, if you choose that option. Don’t try to put boots on them–the birds will just take them off again. 




In this version


    [*]Ulri (raven), Eagle, Griffon, Songbird, and Talis/vulture races. I haven’t done anything fancy with the races, just given them each a different set of perks and abilities so you have something to play with. The races have presets–but see the bug list.

    [*]Separate digitigrade feet patch. Base mod is plantigrade bird feet, so you can wear boots. I think if you wear open-toed boots it looks weird. So don’t. 

    [*]New NPC file. Load it up to have bird followers. Adds a flock of birds of each race in a different place in Skyrim. Find their campsite or wait for them at an inn to recruit them. Most are friendly so you can just ask one to join you. As with the races I haven’t tried to be really creative but they should be adequate followers with a range of abilities. There’s a book in each camp that gives you some details on the races and adds markers for the camps to your map. A few birds with wings take up a lot of room, so if you’re running a mod that adds a bunch of NPCs to inns you may find them awfully crowded in the evening.


      [*]Ulri – Camp in the saddle between the exit from the Helgen cave and the south gate to Falkreath. They go to the Sleeping Giant Inn in the evening.

      [*]Eagle – Camp just southwest of the Thalmor Embassy. Relax at the Winking Skeever in the evening.

      [*]Griffon – Camp on a rocky outcrop on the plains between Whiterun and Rorikstead. At the Rorikstead inn in the evening.

      [*]Songbirds – Camp southwest of Falkreath, right up against the mountain range. At Dead Man’s Drink in the evening.

      [*]Talis – Camp in the badlands of Eastmarch south of Kynesgrove. At Braidwood Inn in the evening. 

    [*]Use the racemenu setup to get your PC looking as you like. There are a few sliders that don’t do anything, but most of them are useful and some of them are intuitive.


    Wings and Flying


    Anton did two flying mods: Animated Dragon Wings and Real Flying. Real Flying gets you up in the air and it’s awesome. But the wings don’t respond to sneak and attack, and they fold up in to a very compact slightly messy pack on your back. Animated Dragon Wings has special sneak and attack animations and look good folded, but you don’t fly.


    So I went with both. By default NPCs will use the Animated Dragon Wings, since they don’t fly anyway. The PC uses the Real Flying wings and can fly.


      [*]There’s a racemenu slider for wings in the Body section, all flying wings. You can’t see what you’re getting so remember this order:

        [*]Raptor wings

        [*]Barred raptor wings

        [*]Black raptor wings

        [*]Gull wings

        [*]Gull wings with dark secondaries

        [*]Gull wings with white tips

      [*]Wings will generally take on the body color. That mechanism is a bit dodgy and you may lose the color sometimes.


      If you want to try a different set go back into racemenu or drink a wings potion. You’ll find potions in chests at each bird flock’s campsite. There’s also a chest behind the Sleeping Giant Inn in Riverwood, against the wall by the vegetable garden. Drink the “Wings: Remove” potion to get rid of your wings, then another potion to get other wings. If you give a potion to a bird follower, they will drink it and get those wings.


      There are potions for both flying wings and the “animated” style. The “Flying” wings tie into the Real Flying mechanism so drink those potions if you want to fly. Note you can die if you crash, though Anton has a patch for that. 

      (I kept the whole potion mechanism because I couldn’t actually make the wings work just by applying the magic effect, don’t know why. This does work and gives you a convenient way to try different wings.)


      Privy Members

      If you want your birds to be anatomically complete, you have that option. They use my “hoodies” mechanism to extrude from a slit in the crotch, mesh by ModMansGun. The griffons have a cat peen. Lady griffons can have a peen too, if that’s what you like.

      There was a lot of discussion when I was developing this mod about whether birds get tits. I said no, because birds. Others said yes, because titties are never a bad thing. So they’re an option.

      Peens require Schlongs of Skyrim. If all this creeps you out, just don’t load the file and the mod is entirely SFW.


      Problems and Issues


        [*]You can choose your wing type with a slider in the “Body” section of RaceMenu. But I haven’t figured out how to get it to show what you’re choosing and I haven’t been able to make the wings show up right away. Racemenu sometimes shows text describing what you’re choosing as you move the slider but I haven’t figured out how to hook into that.  So just remember the order.

        [*]Presets and tint layers have just defeated me. Presets that look fine in the CK are wrong in game. If anybody wants to crack the mod open and tell me what I’m doing wrong, be my guest. For now, if the body color looks stupid assume that’s not what I intended and fix it.

        [*]Don’t expect kissing animations—or drinking from a cup animations–or anything else you might do with your mouth–to work at all reasonably with a beak. Sucks to be a bird.

        [*]Note this is UNP/Vanilla only.




      Install in this order:

        [*]Schlongs of Skyrim  if you want the schlongs

        [*]Animated Dragon Wings[/url]

        [*]Real Flying 

        [*]Birds of Skyrim – doesn’t matter where it goes in your load order


        [*]Birds of Skyrim Digi – load this up after the base mod if you want digitigrade feet.  

        [*]Birds of Skyrim Schlongs – For an anatomically complete experience

        [*]Birds of Skyrim NPCs – For followers

        [*]Birds of Skyrim Titties – for bird tits.

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