Birthplace of a Kitsune

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Before you continue reading, I originally started this project for myself due to an idea I had, but along the way I decided I could release it publicly, maybe some people will like this place as well, therefore I do not expect it will look the same way for everyone as in my screenshots unless you get the (suggested) required mods. SFO Summer Edition II and Unbelievable Grass 2 Redux , these mods and their grass .ini settings are required if you wish to achieve the same look as you see in my screenshots.

You can still use this new land mod without those two mods, however it will look different for you, maybe better, maybe worse.

Q: There is too much grass, its all over the place!

A: People use a lot of different grass mods which have different settings and values, I cannot fix that. you must use the required mods or you have to tweak the grass mod you are using until the grass fits.

Q: What ENB do you use?

A: I am using the latest Snapdragon Prime ENB.

Q: What are those blue-colored fires everywhere?

A: It’s called kitsune fire, and it does not hurt, it provides life and light surrounding the place.

Q: I cannot find the portal!

A: It’s marked on the map as “Mysterious Portal”, if you still can’t find it you can use the console to teleport there.

Q: I have seen two more portals but I cannot access them!

A: The vines have blocked the path, maybe one day they will open and you will be able to see what is inside.

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