Black Rose – standalone follower

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[font=Comic Sans MS]Black Rose – Standalone Follower[/font]

Whiterun, Hall of the Dead

[font=Comic Sans MS]Credits to the creator:[/font]

All the work on the creation has been done by Emerilada.

[font=Georgia]Thank her so much for that.  [/font]

And a special thanks for:

UNP Female Body Renewal 

ThePure CBBE and UNP -4k

KJ Tattoos  and Rutah Tatto pack

KS Hairdos SSE[/url] 

Total Character Makeover

The Eyes Of Beauty[/url] and Natural Eyes SSE 

Stoja’s Warpaints ,YMMP Makeup Pack[/url],Kai’s Makeup and Warpaints.


If you want her to look like this 

You’ll have to download the desired mods separately and send them to her manuall:

[*] – using item – (BikiniWolf) | Neckwear | Gorget (C)

[*] – using item -Warhammer Crown

[*] – using items- 1.Shadow fang cuirass 2. Shadow fang gauntlets 3. Sylward boots

[*]   – using item – Daedric crescent left and right hand (If you want to have 2 swords on your back, then you needEcotone Dual Sheath )


      [font=Georgia]If you really like this preset, please put me[/font]

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