Blackwater Bluff – a Game of Thrones Inspired Castle

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Blackwater Bluff –  A Game of Thrones inspired Castle


This mod adds a new castle called Blackwater Bluff to the game. Located just to the south of Dragon Bridge, this castle was heavily influenced by the GoT series and was designed to be played along side the upcoming conversion mod by Kualan ( Hearthfire Multiple Adoptions compatible although there are only 2 children’s bed’s.


Family & Household

Lord Raymun Maynard, Your Father and Lord of Blackwater Bluff

   – Lady Sarra Maynard, Your Mother and Lady of Blackwater Bluff

   – Ser Tommen Maynard, Their 1st Born Son, Heir to The Bluff

      – Lady Alysa Osgrey, Your Sister-in-law and Tommen’s Wife

Ser Hugo Flint, Sworn Sword and Castelan of The Bluff 

   –Martyn Snow, His bastard son

Maester Lucas, Sworn maester of Blackwater Bluff

Rona Grey, Spymaster of The Bluff

Ser Roger Osgrey, Captain of the Guard, Brother to Lady Alysa

Quest *Unscripted*

House Maynard’s ancestral sword has been stolen by a group of bandits. Use the note located in Ser Hugo’s room and your initiative to reclaim the relic and dispense justice to those who stole from you.


– Siege Camp (located outside the main gate)

– Farm

– Stables

– Smithy

– Watchtower

– Castle Gardens

– Rooftop Terrace


– Audience Chamber

– Sept

– Treasury

– War Council Room

– Crypt

– Bed Chambers

– Display Room

– Banquet Hall

– Guard Barracks

– Dungeon


I am in no way an experienced modder and this is my first published mod. Despite the copious tests that I’ve done, there are bound to be bugs and issues so please do let me know and I will try to fix them with my absolute potato of a computer. 

Assets Used

Castle Modders Resource:

Lor Modders’ Resources:


The Witcher 3 Mega Resource:

Mr Siika Castle Seaview Kit:

Rochester World WIP:

Game of Thrones Armour Compilation:

New Moon armour Set:

Apachii Divine Elegance Store:

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