Blademaster Shura

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[font=Tahoma]BladeMaster Shura, a two-handed sword nord warrior , also dual weild, you can find her at the entrance to dragon tomb behind Kynesgrove. Trained strictly by an Orc hermit, she become a dread Blademaster.

“Attack me…with everything you have.”(Black Mamba said, aha!)


Levels with player, UNP body, Weight100

[/font][font=Tahoma]Skills refer to Warcraft 3 BladeMaster, such as wind walk, mirror image and so on.

[/font][font=Tahoma]Required: Skyrim.esm   Update.esm   Dwanguard.esm   dragonborn.esm[/font][font=Tahoma]



Armor(Osare Culort Outfit by anano):

[/font][font=Tahoma]Shura Tachi(Bishu Osafune Ju Morikage Tachi rename, now it’s a sword blade tachi, scrip by shikigami2H, Bishu Osafune Ju Morikage Tachi by China-YYK and Moral-cat)[/font]:[font=Tahoma][font=Tahoma] [/font]

[/url][/u][/size][/font][font=Tahoma]KS Hairdo’s:

[/font][font=Tahoma]2K Lips:


[/font][font=Tahoma]Mikan Eyes:


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