Blaeja a Vilja replacer

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Blaeja a Vilja replacer

Meet Blaeja. Blaeja was originally designed to replace the visual look of Vilja so I wouldn’t get sick to my stomach. The original Vilja reminds me of my aunt whom I love dearly and the idea of romancing her is freaking me out even at this moment and makes me want to vomit. True story.

Anyway Blaeja and I have history and I don’t want to get into it now it’s quite complicated but, I’ll always love her. However some time back we parted ways amicably but it still hurts talk about it. Blaeja sought Solace in another’s arms his name is Shubal. He seems to be a nice guy and I hope they are happy with each other.

Best wishes


This replacer rquires the FANTASTIC orignal mod Vilja in Skyrim

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