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[font=Times New Roman]Bleak Home

Bleak Home is a large cavern located in the mountains of Skyrim, though you

will find the entrance in the Whiterun plains.  This quaint large

retreat has plenty of storage, a place to grow your own food, has

guardians protect you as you sleep and an abundant supply of weapons and


You have access to all the crafting equipment and plenty of supplies so you can stay sequestered for a very long time if you so


The Cavern is well lighted so your plants and veggies will grow and give you sustenance for your survival.

You will have access to Barrels and Chests that have some of My equipment

and some of the vanilla game equipment in them, depending on the

usefulness of those items they will be locked by varying degrees of lock


Once you have found your new digs, there are a few places to go from there.  You will find access to some places you’ve been

before and some you probably haven’t.  After you have completed the Dragonborn quest for White Ridge Sanctum and

acquired the key, you will have access to that barrow from this location. 

Some of these places you will have to find first outside in somewhere in

Tamriel.  The doors to some of these places require a key from them

before you can access it from here.

For your peace of mind and tidiness, there is a trash disposal unit here.  Open it up, drop your

unwanted items in it and they will be disposed of when the trash

collectors stop by, every 24 hours.

This mod comes in 2 versions;

Version 1.

 All locations of caches are visible and fast travel is available, After you read the book “Cheap Exploring” & “Cheap Treasure Hunting”

Version 2,

 All Locations of caches are not visible, Once you have found and read both of the books ”Cheap Exploring” & “Cheap Treasure Hunting”, you will be able to discover them, then once you discover them fast travel will be available to the ones you have discovered

Be sure to use only one of these mods at a time.

Version 1 will show all cache locations upon installation.  There is a book in

Bleak Home that will unlock additional locations to discover.  The book

is titled “Cheap Exploring”.

Version 2 will NOT show any cache locations, you must find the book “Cheap Treasure Hunting”.  Once you

read it all Cache locations will become available to you.  The book

titled “Cheap Exploring” will unlock additional supply satchels.


This is a Cheat Mod!

Are you prepared to defeat all foes?

Are you ready to be the badass you always wanted to be?

Are you going to let some bully kick sand in your face, I don’t think so!

Now, get out there and do your Thing!




I want to thank The following players for their help and support.

WoundedNight & Cynstein70 for Testing and ideas for features and bug identification.

The Mighty Nine for a script to help with the Trash Disposal device.

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